Dominion Club members raise their voices

        Our story a few days ago about the bankruptcy at Richmond’s Dominion Club struck a chord with a few of our readers who are none too happy with the owner’s actions.  If you haven’t read the article, the capsule is that the golf club’s owner declared bankruptcy reportedly to avoid repaying initiation fee deposits for which he was obligated.  Here is what one club member wrote:

        “…thanks for your very thoughtful, well written and right on the money reporting.  We continue to reel at their [the owners’] arrogance and disdain with which HH Hunt continues to hold its long supporting club members.  We should have seen this coming from such a treacherous bunch of self-dealing land developers.  If you pursue this further, you will find a trail of deceit, shell companies and HH Hunt's footprints throughout the myriad of related entities involved in the unfortunate taking.

        “They admitted at the meeting last Tuesday that they had grave concerns about the continued success of their business model which incorporated a ‘refundable’ deposit as early as 1999.  They did, however, continue to take refundable deposits and, in fact, offered upgrades to various levels of golf membership for a number of years after that realization.

        “Thanks again for alerting other clubs and potential and existing members to the folly of this form of capital formation in the golfing arena.”

        I was also gratified to hear from someone I once was matched with for a round of golf in Williamsburg, VA.  He wrote:

        “I am now a member at Dominion and wanted to tell you that your brief summary of the situation is by far the most objectively on point.  Much of the Richmond media has presented a distorted perspective.   Thanks again and hope that you are doing well…”

        We are doing well, thank you, and hope that The Dominion Club members get some satisfaction from the bankruptcy process.  Stay tuned.

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