Bewitched, bothered and bewildered at Pawleys Plantation

        My round at Pawleys Plantation on Halloween Day began at the bag drop, where the cart attendants were speaking with a female member of the club who was wearing a tall witch's hat. I might have taken that as something of a bad omen for my round of golf but I don't know the difference between the Bad Witch's hat and the Good Witch's hat, and I thought nothing of it.
        But the bad omens piled up. The folks at Pawleys Plantation apparently take Halloween quite seriously.  My playing partner and I passed a statue of a swinging golfer in someone's backyard that had been dressed up to scare the bejeesus out of anyone whose ball went left off the tee on the 16th hole. And another resident, perhaps sending a not-too-subtle message about retrieving errant golf balls from his backyard, scattered the presumed bones of someone who lingered there too long.
        My guest and I lingered too long on the golf course, both of us taking more than 90 strokes to make it around. We agreed we made some swings that were truly frightening. I'll think twice about playing golf on Halloween next year.

Scary round of golfSome lies are more frightening than others. (Photo by Larry Mowell)

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