Snapshot of buyer’s market that is Florida

        Our friend Toby Tobin, the Florida real estate maven and blogger, has posted at his web site,, an excellent overview of the inhibitors to a housing recovery.   What will be of special interest to those contemplating a move to a southern golf community, especially one in coastal Florida, is the list of price movements in selected communities in the area of Palm Coast, located between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach.  The former Bobby Ginn property, Hammock Beach, is located in Palm Coast.

        Toby’s chart of communities includes inventory levels of unsold homes –- Hammock Dunes has a whopping 58 months worth – as well as an accounting of how many homes are lender owned and distressed, how many homes have sold and at what median prices.  It provides an eye-opening snapshot of just how severely Florida real estate has suffered during the recession and, by implication, what kinds of bargains are available in golf communities for those with a little appetite for risk.

         You can read Toby’s article at  If you have specific questions about Florida golf communities. please contact me and I will be happy to help.


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