Glorious Back Nine ePub edition now available

        I am pleased to announced that the electronic (ePub) version of Glorious Back Nine: How to Find Your Dream Golf Home is now available at the Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Apple Books online stores.  The paperback version has been available since early November.
        The "Back Nine" is a tongue-in-cheek expression those of us of a certain age who play golf use to describe the last halves of our lives.  For dedicated golfers, it is a more meaningful expression than the traditional "Golden Years."  Glorious Back Nine is a step-by-step guide to finding a golf community that matches your requirements and helps you avoid those those "traps" that can slow your progress just as, on a golf course, it can impede your score.  The book is the only one on the market written specifically about golf communities.
        Glorious Back Nine is available for Amazon's Kindle reader, whose app is free for download to your electronic device, and for the Barnes&Noble Nook reader and Apple eBooks.  The electronic version is priced at $5.99 and the paperback version at $9.99.  Both versions include a list of more than 125 golf communities, most of which I have visited and can recommend. 

Back Nine BookCover