Forbes magazine gets into Tiger’s business

        It is not exactly breaking news, but Forbes magazine has run a piece on the troubles in Tiger Woods’ golf design business, repeating much of what we already know -– that the Woods course in Dubai, with only three holes built, is on hold, with no definite plans to restart; the course at Punta Brava on Mexico’s Pacific coast, located a little more than an hour south of San Diego, is bogged down with permitting issues; and, closer to home, the Woods course at High Carolina for Jim Anthony and The Cliffs Communities won’t be ready before 2012.

        “One doesn't know whether to believe the stated intention to push back the opening date (originally slated for the fall of 2011) by only six months,” writes Forbes reporter Kurt Badenhausen.

        What is particularly interesting about the Forbes piece is a cryptic comment attributed to Cliffs developer Anthony, who recently landed more than $60 million in loans from more than 500 of his residents in order to complete the Woods course and other promised amenities.

        "He is not a partner,” Anthony said of his business relationship with Woods, “but our long-term interests are shared."

        Anthony and Woods both need a highly regarded golf course at High Carolina -- Anthony to appease his creditors, most of whom will be members, and Woods to overcome skeptics who may believe that great players do not necessarily make great -– or even good –- golf architects.  On the other hand, Anthony’s comments may mean nothing more than that Woods has taken a nice plot of land as part of his reported $10 million+ design fee, with plans for a personal mountain getaway where the gates will keep away the prying eyes of the National Enquirer.

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