Ouch: Richard Russo character slams golf

        I am reading “That Old Cape Magic,” the latest novel by noted author Richard Russo (“Empire Falls,” “Nobody’s Fool,” “Straight Man”).  The main character, Griffin, is the product of two academic parents.  His mother is a real pip, an arrogant and angry woman who has a comment about virtually everything and everybody.

        She even works in a slam at those who play golf.

        “Did you or did you not tell me they belong to a country club, that they live in a gated community?” his mother asks Griffin in a one-way discussion about whether he should accept a loan from his in-laws.  “Call your father,” she adds.  “He and I may not agree on much, but I’m certain he’d never want to owe money to anyone who plays golf…”

        Those of us who have lost a $5 Nassau would certainly agree.

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