Come on down: LiveSouth one big showroom for communities

Albermarle Plantation in Hertford, NC, is one of dozens of communities represented at LiveSouth.

    I have been besieged with free tickets the last two months.  No, not to the Super Bowl or even a New York Knicks basketball game, which are virtually worthless anyway given that organization's well-documented issues.  The free tickets are coming from communities in the southern U.S. that will be displaying their wares at the LiveSouth Shows coming soon to a few northeast cities.
    I'd be impressed with my pull if I didn't know that all tickets to LiveSouth Shows are free.  At the LiveSouth web site, you can order free tickets or, if you decide to go to a show at the last minute, just ask them to put your name on the list.  And if you wander into the show without having done either, they will let you in.  After all, they are playing a numbers game, the goal of which is to generate traffic.
    They do a nice job.  I've attended a number of LiveSouth Shows and always have a good time chatting with dozens of representatives from the communities and checking out the colorful literature that quickly fills the bag they give you at the front desk.  Dozens of communities are represented, some booths decked out in large, dramatic graphics and others more simply adorned.  LiveSouth's top organizer, Dave Robertson, conducts a few seminars during the weekend, mostly geared at folks just beginning the process of looking for a home south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  The large paperback book you receive at check-in includes useful information about climate, taxes and other criteria about southern cities and towns.
    Some excellent golf course communities are represented at each show, including Mount Vintage (Aiken, SC), The Landings (Savannah), Governors Club (Chapel Hill, NC), and River Landing (Wallace, NC).  Although moving through the aisles is a little like being at a carnival, with folks beckoning you into their booths, the come-ons are friendly and helpful.  Understand, though, that if you furnish your name and address, you can look forward to months of "free" literature and offers to purchase property at special "discount" prices...especially in the current real estate market.
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