Nicklaus dishes it out

        It has been a slow few years in the golf design business, and former golf-playing architects have to do what they can to keep busy, especially after their competitive golf days are over. We recently learned that Jack Nicklaus, as competitive a golfer as ever there was, and equally successful as a golf course designer, has decided to go head to head with Dolly Madison, Ben & Jerry, and Haagen & Dazs. The now svelte Nicklaus, once lampooned by the sports press as "Fat Jack" in his early tour days, will be pitching a brand of high-calorie desserts with flavors like Coffee & Donuts, Strawberry

The Golden Bear is bringing his intense competitive spirit to selling ice cream.

Lemonade and Warm Spiced Butter Pecan. Each pint container includes the smiling Nicklaus profile gazing upon three beautifully airbrushed mounds of butterfat. The product will be initially available at supermarket chains operating substantially in the southern U.S., such as Kroger, Winn-Dixie and Bi-Lo.
        If you are tempted to criticize Nicklaus for contributing to the nation's obesity problems, understand that, according to the joint press release by The Nicklaus Companies and food maker Schwann Global Supply Chain, sales of the ice cream will benefit a Nicklaus child-healthcare foundation, although the press release does not specify what percentage of income will go to the non-profit.
        "It's no secret that I love ice cream," said Nicklaus, who could be a bit prickly in his playing days. He should be in especially good humor these days.

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