We are currently working with customers looking for homes in Sarasota, Savannah, Charleston, the Low Country of South Carolina, Wilmington, NC, and other locations.  If you would like our personalized recommendations of which golf communities in the Southern U.S. best match your criteria, please fill out our Golf Home Questionnaire by clicking on the advertisement at the top of the left hand column below...
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A No-Hassle, Easy Way to Find Your Golf Home

A No-Hassle, Easy Way to Find Your Golf Home

If you have made it this far, you are a big step closer to finding the golf home of your dreams.  That is because we make it easy for you to browse properties in some of the finest golf communities in the Southeastern region.  Below you will find links to the states we cover.  Click on one and you will find similar links to golf communities within those states (we are adding new ones all the time).  Choose a community and start browsing.  We won’t ask you for your name and email address, nor will the handpicked Realtors whose listings you want to look through.  But I encourage you to contact me or the Realtor for more information.  (Note:  We provide a convenient way for you to contact a Realtor directly, in which case we do ask for only your name and email address.  But we will never share your personal information with anyone, unless you give us permission.)

If you haven’t decided exactly which community appeals to you, don’t worry; you are in good company with most folks searching for a golf home.  I encourage you to fill out our free, no obligation questionnaire, tell us a little bit about your requirements for a golf home, and we will respond with some initial ideas.  We can also help you arrange for “discovery” visits when you are ready.  You can access the Golf Home Questionnaire, which will take less than 10 minutes to fill out, by clicking here.

Golf Community News

Much going on at Currahee Club

        Currahee Club near Toccoa, GA, may not have a large number or residents yet, but that isn't stopping it from holding special events a few times each week. Here's a rundown ...

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Golf with a purpose

     The coastal community of Carolina Colours will hold its Kay Wilson Memorial Golf Tournament on May 8. The annual event, which is sold out for this year, honors an early and beloved...

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Pleasant prices at Mt. Pleasant, SC private club

     Spring is the season for robins, daffodils and discounted golf memberships.  I recently played the classic George Cobb golf course at Snee Farm Country Club in Mt. Pleasant, S...

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